Alloy Selection: Extrudability vs. Strength

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  • Date:2021/05/13

The 6000 series alloys are the foremost popular alloys within the aluminum extrusion industry. no matter them getting used within the extrusion industry for over 60 years, some uncertainties still exist within the selection, processing, and application of those alloys as applied to finish use. Since national standards or designation instead of outcome properties drive the choice of alloy, this will end in inappropriate alloy choice and ineffective processing.


Although many 6000 series alloys aren't generally used, a number of these alloys are beneficial thanks to their good combination of properties and extrudability. Samples of alloys in limited use include 6005 aluminum alloy for a bright finish, 6151 for forging stock, 6008 for transportation, and 6101 for electrical applications.


In accordance with international composition limits, let’s check out the more popular alloys: 6060, 6360, 6063,  6061, 6351, and 6005 aluminum alloy with regard to the content of Magnesium and Silicon. whilst the chemical compositions and properties of 6063, 6060, and 6360 are often equivalent or similar, they need different designations leading to a trade-off between mechanical properties and extrudability. These architectural alloys are highly plastic and can be highly extruded, but the mental strength is moderate. They're excellent choices for complex cross-sections and multi-hollow profiles, and suitable for painted and anodized finishes.


Medium-strength alloys such as 6005 aluminum alloy, 6061, and AA6082 maintain high metal strength while reducing plasticity. The extrudability of an alloy is controlled in large part by the magnesium content, the upper the magnesium level, the harder it's to extrude. A comparison of 6063 which needs a minimum of 0.45 wt% magnesium, and 6360 which utilizes lower magnesium content makes it more extrudable while still providing an equivalent T5 or T6 minimum mechanical properties and a far better surface finish. These alloys are widely utilized in structural applications thanks to their combined strength, toughness and resistance to impact.


The versatility of the 6000 series alloys makes them the foremost popular in North America for extruded products. They have high plasticity, are suitable to be processed, have moderate strength, and the processed products are of good quality. To get the foremost efficient use of 6005 aluminum alloys, selection must be supported end-user properties allowing the extruder to optimize the alloy selection and processing conditions to the advantage of his operation.



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