Most Popular Applications of Aluminum Alloy

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  • Date:2021/04/15

Aerospace and automotive

You’ll often find aluminum alloys within the context of engineering, also because of the construction of lightweight components and corrosion-resistant metal parts. One of the industries that highly relies on aluminum alloys in aerospace, also because of the automotive industry. during this particular context, aluminum alloy is becoming an increasingly important material. this is often because it can reduce a load of a vehicle, thus maximizing its efficiency and fuel sustainability by the end of the day. additionally thereto, the sturdiness of the aluminum alloy makes it a safety-conscious option also, since it performs rather well on crash tests and exceeds the wants of most safety regulations all around the world. Aluminum is far lighter than steel (about one-third its weight) and it enables manufacturers to create strong metal parts, without adding unnecessary weight to place a damper on the performance of their vehicles.


Building and constructions

High-Strength aluminum alloy is additionally a really popular implement in building construction. Steel still remains one of the foremost fundamental materials in construction, but aluminum alloys are definitely a really close second. When building modern skyscrapers and structures, it's quite important to account for strength and safety. The added benefits of high corrosion resistance and low flammability, also as aluminum’s natural insulation property, make this an ideal choice. In recent years, aluminum has been highly rated internationally to be used in structures where the outbreak of fireside could be an opportunity. It takes roughly twice the maximum amount of heat to boost the temperature of aluminum by one single degree in comparison to an identical mass of steel. Moreover, Aluminum doesn’t burn in the air, nor does it cause smoke and other toxic fumes.


Electrical and electronic engineering

You’ll often find aluminum in electrical and electronic engineering applications, thanks to the very fact that it doesn’t cause any magnetic interference. Aluminum, unlike other metals, is really non-ferromagnetic, making it very valuable and important for electronic manufacturing, electrical shielding, and other applications.


And moreover...

In addition to being extremely sturdy, aluminum alloy, especially when magnesium is involved, is a smaller amount flammable in comparison to other alloys, and fewer vulnerable to corrosion. It's vital to settle on the simplest aluminum alloy for every given application, accounting for factors like malleability, density, ductility, and lastingness, among other things.


It’s isn't surprising to ascertain that major institutions like NASA and a number of other Armies around the world put their trust in aluminum alloys for several important applications. If this wasn’t a robust enough testament concerning aluminum’s massive strength, here is another one for you: Shark cages!


Sharks are a number of the oldest, deadliest killing machines on planet Earth, and their bite is robust enough to interrupt whale bones and tear through a person's limb sort of a hot blade browsing melted butter. However, they can’t get through aluminum alloy cages! Seawater is very corrosive for metals thanks to its acidic content and salinity. However, aluminum is extremely resistant when it involves corrosion, as mention earlier. additionally thereto, it's a very good buoyancy thereto, meaning that it's a bent to feel lighter within the water.



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