The Applications of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles in Several Industries

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  • Date:2021/04/15

In layman’s terms, aluminum extrusion profiles contain finished parts, components, and products made when an extrusion machine forces molten material through a shaped opening of a die. Because the material emerges, it comes out as an elongated piece. The profile is just like the die opening through which it just passed.


Aluminum Extrusion Profiles


Some businesses work directly with aluminum extrusion companies. However, there are several advantages of browsing a supplier instead. For one thing, this creates a chance to create a more intimate account. As a result, the customer has the reassurance of always receiving products that meet both specifications and tight tolerances. Also, a trusted supplier of custom aluminum extrusions provides superior-quality finished products while saving them money at an equivalent time.

Applications Using Aluminum Extrusion Profiles


The following are a couple of samples of applications for custom aluminum extrusions. It’s important to recollect that there are more.


Framing components






Bolt Slots


Decorative design elements




Screw points


Heat sinks


With such a lot of diversity, top-of-the-line aluminum extrusion companies make sure that suppliers have what their customers need. The list of industries that believe aluminum extrusion profiles is sort of lengthy. The list includes restaurant and repair, agricultural, electronics, and construction industries. Others are the hospitality, transportation, and military and defense sectors.


See the advantages that custom aluminum extrusion profiles bring back the automotive industry as an ideal example. This material has the advantages of being both light and strong, so it can replace heavy metals commonly used in the past. This makes automobiles lighter, which successively makes them cheaper. As a result, this industry provides consumers with better-quality vehicles but without spending the maximum amount of money.


Top Benefits


Aluminum extrusion profiles offer a number of unique benefits compared to other metals. Aside from being lightweight and powerful, this material is a superb conductor of warmth and cold. For that reason, extruded parts and components make a superb choice over copper.


In addition, because this material features a present oxide film, aluminum extrusion companies offer a spread of finishing techniques. A number of these include powder-coating, painting, and anodizing.


Something else worth noting is non-magnetic custom extrusion profiles, which makes them ideal for applications involving high voltage. Therefore, manufacturers of computers and other electronic products will also use them regularly. These profiles are non-sparking also, making them a secure choice when utilized in environments with flammables.



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