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  • Date:2021/06/29

The aluminium extrusion market in China is growing at a very fast pace. There are about two to three aluminium extrusion manufacturers operating in China today. These aluminium extrusions manufacturers have an office in over twenty cities across the country, with the largest being in Guangdong and Beijing. This has helped them to expand their business to a very large extent. The following sections of this article will give some useful information on the suppliers of aluminium extrusion products to China.


China is a leading supplier of aeronautical aluminium extrusion presses in addition to a significant provider of mechanical engineering equipment, shipbuilding equipment, engine parts and components, aerospace products and energy saving devices. It is one of the best suppliers in the world when it comes to getting quality aircraft, ships and cars. It is believed that there are about two to three companies in India that are in close competition with China for the export of aluminium extrusion presses. Many believe that China has become a major exporter of all types of automotive equipment. They are also heavily involved in the production of solar panels and wind turbines as well as making aircraft and ships.


There are many small and medium sized aluminum extrusion manufacturers in India as well. These companies import their aluminium extrusion presses from China and also do a lot of other things like making prototypes, manufacturing tooling, selling components and parts and testing and maintaining components. Many of these companies export their finished products to China as well. They mainly operate out of small workshop spaces and employ several hundred employees.


Some of the countries that manufacture extrusion presses in India manufacture different types of extrusion presses. For instance, Coatings India manufactures extrusion presses that have a curved base and are suitable for making panel boxes. Coating Optics manufactures the multifunctional, metal bending and forming presses and specializes in the manufacture of metal coils and sheets. Kanetronics is mainly into the manufacture of the computer controlled tools that are used in aerospace and defense industries.


A common platform that is used for welding and cutting of aluminium is a welder. It is used by almost every company involved in the manufacture of aluminium extruded profiles, sheets and panels. Other methods of metal extrusion include gas tumbler, thermal spray, electrical connection and cold work. For making the metal extruded profiles, sheets and panels, welders are used.


Aluminum extrusion manufacturers also make use of powder coating, an innovative process that allows high quality powder coated aluminium extrusions to be produced economically. This makes extrusion much more economical than machining and makes the production of metal extrusions much faster. However, the whole manufacturing process, from pouring the alloy into the extruder, to placing the extruded metal on the work and finally finishing the product, should be well researched and planned in order to get the best results. Good design and production techniques will ensure the consistency and quality of the finished product.



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