• Model.NO: PL-ST197
  • Material :Alloy 6063
  • Thickness:1.6mm
  • Production Cycle(ex shipment time)/lead time:20days

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PL-ST197 is a series of aluminium profile for sliding door. This model has a reasonable design, nice appearance, moderate thickness and low material cost. It is designed for the house engineering covers global mainstream market.

From casting to extrusion,and then to surface and deep processing ,the aluminium profile is one-stop produced in our factory.

Our products are certified by ISO9001 quality management system. The technical indexes including tensile,hardness,anodized film,gloss of electrophoresis film are all above the national standard of GB/T5237-2008.We also won the reputation of “Energy Conservation Products” and“Guangdong Top brand”.

The aluminium profile of JINYANG not only has superior quality, but also durable in use. What’s more, we provide various of surface treatment including polishing, sandblasting,anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating and wood grain transfer printing.

More Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:JINYANG

Grade:6000 Series

Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy

Material :Alloy 6063


Surface Treatment:Mill finish,sandblasting,powder coating,anodizing,electrophoresis,wooden grain transfer printing


Quality Standard:GB 5237-2008

Payment Term:T/T, L/C, or consulting

Certification:CQM,IQ Net


Application:Construction & Decoration

Packaging Option

Sticker film for each profile

Shrink PE film outside each bundle of profile

Kraft Paper for each bundle of profile

EPE for each bundle of profile






aluminium ingot & alloy→melting and casting→homogenizing→extrusion→aging→surface treatment→deep processing(if necessary)→checkout→packing→finished product

Productivity & Equipment

The comprehensive production capacity exceeds 30,000 tons

19 extrusion production lines from 600T to 2500T

2 melting&casting production lines

6 anodizing production lines

4 electrophoresis production lines

1 spraying production lines

3 thermal insulation production lines

1 wood grain production line

2 deep processing production lines for thermal barrier

Every single piece of aluminium sliding door profiles is constructed to the equal excessive standards, the use of the equal modern engineering and materials, as the unique moulds. The character profiles, which are every special in layout and composition are cautiously designed to add performance to the aluminium sliding doors profiles, while additionally being quite elegant and mixing in flawlessly with your surroundings. They supply energy and protection for your home, mixed with a contemporary modern-day appearance.

Aluminium sliding door profiles are a splendid answer for properties that are especially secure, the place the property itself and the surrounding areas have gone through minimal renovation and are in a function to stand up to years of publicity to the elements. They are an best answer for residences in want of each protection and style.

Aluminium sliding door and windows profiles are now being used via greater domestic and industrial property owners, due to their appealing looks, fairly long lasting features and capacity to provide a excessive degree of safety and security when used correctly. The extend in demand has led to the multiplied the aluminium sliding windows profiles manufactures in extra appealing designs and finishes, providing a wider preference to domestic and enterprise proprietors searching to add a contact of type and sophistication to their property.

Aluminium sliding door profiles and aluminium casement window are turning into greater famous due to their practicality and capability to supply protection when needed. The make bigger in demand for aluminium sliding door profiles has led to the make bigger in manufacture of extra pleasing layout and end products, while preserving sturdiness and overall performance stages that are unrivalled in their industry.

Aluminium profiles doors and windows grant a broad vary of advantages when in contrast to different substances such as wood, fiberglass or even vinyl. Aluminium is a light-weight fabric which capacity that aluminium sliding windows profile can be designed and constructed to remaining a lifetime barring replacement, offering a regular degree of best and functionality.

Aluminium is additionally extraordinarily long lasting and lengthy lasting, making it an best answer for use in a vast vary of applications. Aluminium window and door frames have a lengthy existence span and the electricity to stand up to the cruelest of climate conditions. 




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