• Color : Customized
  • Material :Alloy 6063
  • Thickness: Customized
  • Production Cycle(ex shipment time)/lead time:20days

As aluminum profile is used more and more widely in industrial production, industrial aluminium profile is divided into a category. Aluminum profiles related to industrial production are called industrial aluminum profile.

Industrial aluminum profile comes in numerous cross section shapes and various alloy components. Therefore, they have different mechanical properties, and are widely used in all walks of industries.

From casting to extrusion, and then to surface and deep processing ,the aluminium profile is one-stop produced in our factory.

Our products are certified by ISO9001 quality management system. The technical indexes including tensile, hardness, anodized film, gloss of electrophoresis film are all above the national standard of GB/T5237-2008.We also won the reputation of “Energy Conservation Products” and“Guangdong Top brand”.

The aluminium profile of JINYANG not only has superior quality, but also durable in use. What’s more, we provide various of surface treatment including polishing, sandblasting, anodizing,electrophoresis, powder coating and wood grain transfer printing.

More Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong,China

Brand Name:JINYANG

Grade:6000 Series

Alloy Or Not:Is Alloy



Quality Standard:GB 5237-2008

Payment Term:T/T, L/C, or consulting

Certification:CQM,IQ Net


Application:Construction & Decoration

Profile Processing Cutting

Packaging workshop

45 Degrees Angle Cutting

Product Warehouse

End Face Milling of Middle Column

Dali Fengchi Exhibition Hall Model

Profile Lock Body Corner Connector Punching

Dali Fengchi Exhibition Hall

Open Screw Holes for Hardware Fittings

Extrusion workshop

Cutting Corner Connector

Extrusion workshop-1

45 Degrees Profile Impact Corner Connector

Sandblasting workshop

Doors and Windows Assembly

Sandblasting workshop-1

Stick Protective Film

Oxidation workshop

Install Glass Glue

Oxidation workshop-1

Sticker film for each profile(保护膜)

Shrink PE film outside each bundle of profile(收缩膜)

Kraft Paper for each bundle of profile(牛皮纸)

EPE for each bundle of profile(珍珠棉)





aluminium ingot & alloy→melting and casting→homogenizing→extrusion→aging→surface treatment→deep processing(if necessary)→checkout→packing→finished product

The comprehensive production capacity exceeds 30,000 tons

19 extrusion production lines from 600T to 2500T

2 melting&casting production lines

6 anodizing production lines

4 electrophoresis production lines

1 spraying production lines

 3 thermal insulation production lines

1 wood grain production line

2 deep processing production lines for thermal barrier

Thermal Barrier Aluminium Profile is a special insulated barrier that offers both excellent design and high performance. It is an excellent solution for thermal, chemical and nuclear applications. The thermal barrier aluminium profile is the most effective when it comes to resisting heat and energy transfer. It effectively maintains the same temperature throughout the material. It is also an excellent solution for preventing corrosion due to the presence of an aluminum foil layer. This special aluminum profile achieves an increased level of co-ordination between the air and the space framing by improving its thermal resistance and insulating properties.


A thermal barrier aluminium profile is an effective method of reducing external temperatures and maintaining interior temperatures within a specific range. Its primary function is to prevent the passage of dangerous gasses and vapors. The thermal barrier aluminium foil is a special type of fabric, which contains a very fine pattern of aluminum crystals. When heated, the crystals expand, creating a barrier against heat transfer.



There are several types of thermal barrier. One of them is the reflective barrier which helps in preventing the transmission of infrared radiation. This is very important for rooms where the occupants spend a lot of time such as an office or laboratory. Another type of barrier is the thermal insulating barrier which helps in maintaining a constant room temperature in a room or in a building. This prevents the growth of mildew, mould and bacterial spores.




Apart from protecting against external temperatures, it also helps in protecting the interior of the house from penetration of dangerous gases. The thermal barrier aluminium profile is a special type of fabric, which contains a very fine pattern of aluminium crystals. When heated, the crystals expand, creating a barrier against heat transfer.




The presence of a barrier is very important in controlling the gas discharge of a building. If the temperature level rises, there is a high risk of the escape of lethal and toxic gases. For example, the carbon monoxide, which is a highly lethal gas, can escape to the outdoors. Another important benefit of the thermal barrier is that it reduces the consumption of electricity produced by heat exchangers. It also helps in preventing the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.




As mentioned earlier, the thermal barrier aluminium profile is a special type of fabric, which contains small aluminium crystals. This fine pattern creates a very thin barrier, which makes it highly efficient in containing heat. The thermal foil has an open face that reduces the amount of heat that can pass through. However, its design leaves some empty space, which is filled with a coolant, which brings about an increase in the rate of cooling. As a result, the aluminium continues to work effectively without getting hot and dry.






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