Celebrating the title of "famous Chinese brand" by Jinyang aluminum industry

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  • Date:2019/12/05

After the development of early brands and the continuous shaping of brand reputation and influence, recently, the "Jin Yingxing" door and window curtain wall of Jinyang aluminum industry has won the honorary title of "China's famous brand".

This is the first quarter of this year, the brand in the country has made great progress after the rapid progress of investment. As a brand with a strong rise in the whole country, Guangdong province is a base camp. Jin Yingxing not only gained the market, but also the whole aluminum industry once again realized its profound implication.

This speed is catering to the development of the company this year and the pace of strategic planning. Jinyang aluminum head: since many years ago to establish the brand building strategy, we always follow the "operating in good faith, the quality of casting brand" guideline, to create first-class products with first-class raw materials, first-class processing, first-class packaging production concept, in order to win this award, all the staff for many years of hard work, hard work the company is united. Meanwhile, Jin Yingxing's products in the industry, good reputation, strict quality control, strong after-sales service system is also the key to the recognition of the brand.

Jinyang aluminum responsible person said: this big glory for the brand in the nationwide channel breakthrough, is a big driving force, and gold are not satisfied with the current situation, the company will continue to practice the quality of casting brand "guideline, continue to offer excellent quality products, to create greater brilliant.



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