Qingyuan Jinyang Aluminum Co. Ltd. won the "GMC national standard quality certification manufacturer"

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  • Date:2019/12/05

The global market GMC commissioned the third party TUV Rhine to check the Qingyuan Jinyang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. in April 19, 2016. After being examined and audited by TUV Rhine experts, 100% passed the TUV factory inspection, and has successfully obtained the GMC national standard high quality manufacturer certificate.

Rhine TUV audit expert quality system documents of Jinyang aluminum and recording data in the field including work instructions, process monitoring and recording the detailed view and understand, and successively to Jinyang aluminum warehouse, oxidation electrophoresis workshop, extrusion workshop, mold workshop, painting workshop, packaging workshop wood testing field testing, production of the process parameters and the on-site inspection records, quality assurance measures, equipment operation and storage of raw materials used to conduct a comprehensive inspection. I have visited the exhibition hall of aluminum profiles, personally experienced the product effect, and examined the laboratory of precision instruments, and carefully understood the functions and testing items of each test equipment.

TUV Rhine audit expert has highly praised Jinyang aluminum's production management and quality management. He thinks Jinyang aluminum industry is in line with or even exceeding the standard in every process, process and quality control of raw material procurement. Jinyang aluminum industry has the following strength: real manufacturers, R & D capabilities, the ability to produce high-quality products, corporate social responsibility, business scale, reputation and goodwill, marketing capabilities and customer service capabilities.

Jinyang aluminum industry official said, "GMC" national standard, high quality manufacturer's honor is the great affirmation of Jinyang aluminum enterprise's strength and product quality, and is also the inevitable result of Jinyang aluminum industry's long-term strengthening of business management and improvement of control system. This honor is not only an affirmation of the achievements of Jinyang aluminum industry, but also laid the international brand foundation for the global market development of Jinyang aluminum industry.



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